A New Season; From DC Next Intern to Communication Assistant

I have had the privilege of working with Dance Canvas in a variety of aspects; as a DC Next intern in the Summer of 2016&17, as the Dance Canvas Intern 2017/18 and now as the Communications Assistant.

The 2018 DC Next Intern Squad
The 2018 DC Next Intern Squad

Essentially, my job is to generate content and have external communication for the company. In a nutshell, I get to promote my favorite company and share content that will hopefully enable and inspire Atlanta artists.

I am so incredibly blessed to be able to continue working under Angela, and the incredible team she has gathered for this next season. Working in close proximity with the Atlanta Dance community has not only introduced me to many influential people in my life, it has also educated me in a wide range of dance related topics.

Throwback Staff Meeting (we always have amazing food!)

The insights I have gained from Choreographing, Art Administration, Show Coordination, Professional Dancer contracting, Lighting and Set Design and beyond has built a landscape of career possibilities. There is so much to learn, and so much out there to aspire to.

The amazing cast of my Senior Piece “Modern Prometheus”

What Dance Canvas has done for me; it helped me navigate through the Dance Program at UGA, develop a professional resume, gave me resources to utilize when choroegraphing my Senior Exit Work, tips on show production, and a safe place to recieve encouragement and ask questions about transitioning into the professional dance world. I got to perform at the Fox Theater, try aerial dance for the first time, and gain experience that enabled me to intern for Staibdance Italy in 2018. The list is endless.

Trying Aerial for the first time with DC Next at D’Air in Atlanta


I am so excited to bring the joy of dance into the lives of others, and continue to humbly learn under the incredible artists of Dance Canvas.


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