Getting to Know our Choreographers: Sarah Emery

Our Performance Series this past season was truly something special! Our 2019 choreographer, Sarah Emery, talks more about her experience working with us during our initiative and how it has shaped her professionally as an emerging artist.
Recently, I had the privilege of presenting a new dance work for the 2019 Dance Canvas choreographer’s showcase. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity and gained so much out of the experience. As an emerging choreographer, there are often many obstacles in creating new works. I think for most, these top three obstacles would be: finding affordable or free rehearsal space; working with professional dancers; and having the opportunity to present your work in a theater with a technical crew and to a large audience. My experience with Dance Canvas fostered a means to all of these obstacles. In addition, it helped me to make long-term connections that I might not have made otherwise.
_REP0509_KNPAfter being accepted as a choreographer to present work with Dance Canvas, I was excited to also learn that I would have the opportunity to set my work on a select group of The Georgia Ballet dancers. Dance Canvas’ partnership with The Georgia Ballet allowed me to work with an immense amount of ease while creating a new work with them. Many times scheduling for rehearsals with dancers who all have different schedules can be a challenge. Because The Georgia Ballet dancers work in the studio full-time, I was able to easily fit into their schedule each week. Not only were the staff and artists amazing to work with, the dancers were very focused, eager to see my vision, and performed each rehearsal to their fullest potential. We had a great time working together and built lasting relationships.
I feel the same about the staff, artists and fellow choreographers of Dance Canvas. It was an experience to remember and it helped me grow as an artist as well as a dance professional in the Atlanta area. I found great value in working closely with everyone over the course of six months to create a show that we all took great pride in. Thank you Dance Canvas and The Georgia Ballet!
(Photo by Richard Calmes; Courtesy of Dance Canvas, Inc.; Choreography by Sarah Emery)

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