Getting to Know Our Choreographers: Kaila Carter

“My process for bringing this work to life required me to keep my intention at the forefront of mind. I started with very literal iterations of my concept and then started to abstract the movement. Of course, going about it that way, and making editorial choices, meant that I needed to be open to change.”

Getting to Know our Choreographers: Peter Swan

I would describe my work as being firmly rooted in the traditions and technique of classical ballet while heavily infused with the constant evolution of contemporary movement. The seeds of inspiration come in many forms – personal stories or histories, current events, interesting ideas or theories, or simply a fascinating piece of music.

Getting to Know our Choreographers: Catherine Messina

“My work for Dance Canvas centers around the intersection of strangers lives: both at big moments in history and small moments in personal lives. I’m fascinated by the seemingly random moments of life that drive people together or apart, depending on how they handle a shared experience.”

NDEO Conference: A First Experience

The sense of community and camaraderie was palpable…It was incredible to be around so many dedicated teaching artists. To me, that sense of connection is vital…From new lesson ideas, teaching approaches, choreographic viewpoints and discussions, I was filled each day with new ideas and possibilities.

Britt Whitmoyer Fishel; from ATL to PA

We caught up with Britt to chat about what life has been like for her since her move and what’s up next on her plate: Tell us about your new position! “Since moving to Philadelphia, I have joined the Dance Faculty at Bryn Mawr College, and Drexel University. At BMC, they were looking to add…


“It’s always so rewarding to see new work being developed by new voices in this industry. Our program provides opportunities not only to our choreographers, but also to Atlanta audiences to see these talented artists as they blossom on the local and national stage. I always love meeting new artists who call Atlanta home and helping to bring innovative choreographers from neighboring arts communities to present work in Atlanta!” – Angela Harris, Executive Artistic Director, Dance Canvas, Inc.

The Next Generation: Where Are They Now?

By: Lara Davis If you’re familiar with Dance Canvas, chances are you’ve heard our slogan before – “Introducing the Next Generation”. As a member of the first class of the DC Next Summer Choreographic Intensive in 2010, I was thrilled to be a training to one day be the “next generation”. As the 9th summer of…


This season, the powerful new works organically fit a theme of human relationships and communication. “Each year, when we select choreographers, we base our selection on their unique voices and choreographic strengths,” says Artistic Director, Angela Harris, “This season, something unique happened…we saw a through-line with storytelling in the works, whether it was interpersonal relationships or non-verbal communication, each choreographer created out of the desire to explore how we all relate to each other. The result is quite compelling.”