Choreographer Spotlight: Dana Woodruff

Dana Woodruff is no stranger to Dance Canvas. She choreographed for the Performance Series back in 2012 and more recently in 2015. Not to mention she teaches at the DC Next Summer Intensive and is our trusty Professional Development Manager. When Dana’s not busy choreographing or teaching, she loves to eat popcorn and watch movies with her kids.


We caught up with her this week to learn more about the inspiration behind her piece for the 10th Anniversary Performance in March.


Tell us a little about the inspiration for your piece.

“My new work, “Vector”, explores the physical ideas associated with quantities possessing both magnitude and direction in space. It also explores linear concepts and the ideas behind being a carrier/carried.”


Tell us about your choreographic process. For example, what comes first – concept or music? What do you do when you’re in a rut?

“My initial process varies depending on the piece that I’m working on. For this work, I started with ideas and movement, then found sound. If I feel like I am not producing ideas effectively, I will step away and not try to force it. Usually, when I come back to work I have fresh ideas and it can flow more organically.”

What’s changed since the last time you choreographed for Dance Canvas? How has Dance Canvas impacted you or your career?

“I hope that I have grown choreographically since the last Dance Canvas process. In 2012, I was pregnant during the process and felt a bit more limited in my physical movement. I am the Program Manager for Dance Canvas and that provides me with many wonderful opportunities throughout the year. I sincerely love working with the other artists in our community and feel the importance of promoting professional dance here in Atlanta.”


Any words of inspiration or advice for the Next Generation?

“I like the 3 P’s:

Professionalism – always conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Productivity – work hard and stay committed. Look for opportunities and seize them.

Positivity – This is SO important! If you are open and generous as a person others will want to work with you.”

You can see her choreography “Vector” on March 23rd and 24th at the Ferst Center for the Arts! Tickets here. Hope to see you there! 



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