Choreographer Spotlight: Jennifer Davis

Jennifer Davis is an Atlanta-Based Dancer and Executive/Artistic Director of the City Gate Dance Theater. She has worked closely with Dance Canvas before, and has an impressive resume of performance and choreographic works. For our Tenth Anniversary Celebration, she will be returning to present a choreographed work titled “REBIRTH.”
REBIRTH is a women’s trio and one the first works created on City Gate Dance Theater by Director, Jennifer Davis. The piece speaks about the battle women often have of playinging a “role” and being and doing for so many others, a pattern that leads into a very circular behavior and the juxtaposition of freeing yourself from those patterns, pains, and expectations to be rebirthed into the person you truly are!
We asked Jennifer what her words to live by were, in life and in dance. Her response? :
“Love…Live…Life”   “I am Love…I am Light”
A fun fact about Jennifer? She gives a new meaning to breathe, sleep, dance: 
“I have a tendency to stretch in my sleep…especially pointing and flexing my feet.(shoulder shrugs…side eye…lol)”
Ever wondered what it takes to create a new work?
When asked about her choreographic process, Ms. Davis says that for her, “It truly depends on the situation. I am often led and inspired by music, but it usually takes a story or some sort of visual in order for me to make a true connection to the music and therefore be able to create. When I’m in a rut, I stop, change gears, start a new idea or experience, and then wait for enlightenment on where I was prior and that’s when I return to it.”
This genuine connection to her process and work are just one of the reasons that this is a piece that you won’t want to miss!
Though Jennifer has presented work with Dance Canvas before, this will be the first time she presents work with us without her usual co-choreographer and late husband, Robert Mason.
“Much has changed since the last time I presented with Dance Canvas. I actually think it was for the 5 year anniversary and that was with my late husband and partner, Robert Mason. In the years since, I have performed but I’ve had 2 babies, re-launched my company, and have been presenting works throughout Atlanta. Currently, I am working on a full length contemporary ballet that speaks on the importance of Mental Health. ROSES will be presented later this year to honor Robert’s legacy. My experience with Dance Canvas has expanded the platform and audience that my company has presented to over the last few years. Dance Canvas has also created opportunities for me, as a teacher, to reach different and diverse student bodies throughout Atlanta with dance education and choreography!”
You don’t want to miss your chance to see works from Jennifer Davis and many other talented choreographers on March 23rd and 24th at the Ferst Center for the Arts. Grab your tickets for the Tenth Anniversary Celebration here!! 
For more on Jennifer Davis, visit the City Gate Dance Theater page.

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