Catching Up With Choreographers: Braeden Barnes

Meet Braeden Barnes, a Chicago-native, freelance choreographer and dancer with Visceral Dance Chicago. 

His piece “Changes” premiered in the 2016 Dance Canvas Performance Series. Since that time, he has continued to create new works, now involving video as a medium. He recently created three short films in a series entitled “Projections: A film in three chapters.” 

The first video, “CONFORM.,” deals with the idea of conforming to society’s standards. The second video,”CHILD’S PLAY.,” is a lens into the struggles between couples of all generations behind closed doors. The third video, “REBIRTH.,” is his interpretation of the constant cycle of life’s new beginnings and ends. 

You can watch his videos below and comment to let him know what you think! 




Eventually, he hopes to create a larger piece on a main stage from one or all of these videos.


His advice for any emerging choreographer?

“Start creating your own choreographic language. Go into a studio with music that inspires you and start moving.  Explore what your personal movement means to you and how you can set and explain that to another dancer.” 

And the best advice he’s received on making choreography?

“Go about it fearlessly, confidently, and without judgement. If we as choreographers become insecure in the process, we will never reach a fulfilled vision of the idea we begin with.”
Photos by Peter Hinsdale 

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