2016-2017 Performance Series Choreographer: Isaac Lerner

Hello, my name is Isaac Lerner and I am one of Dance Canvas’ choreographers this season.  I started dancing at the age of four, and I haven’t stopped since. I graduated from the Ridgefield

Photo Courtesy of Richard Lerner, Choreography by Isaac Lerner

Conservatory in 2012, then later graduated from the Hartt School in Hartford Connecticut with a BFA in dance performance in May of 2016.  I’ve worked with choreographers such as David Parker, Doug Varone, and Adam Barruch. I am apart of this year’s Performance Series, which is my first main stage production, and I am very excited to premier “Space Between” with Dance Canvas.


I find dancing to be the most satisfying pursuit in a physical, intellectual, and philosophical sense.  Learning how to use my body in such fantastic ways makes me feel rebellious and humbled at the same time.  Figuring out new ways to create a dance, teach a class, or explain a concept physically gets my brain working in a way that feels comfortable; yet it allows me to grow and explore in my field. The dance community is such a small, interconnected group of people all trying to better themselves and the world around them. I think dance is so inte

Photo Courtesy of Richard Lerner, Choreography by Isaac Lerner

rwoven to every aspect of art, but stands out as a performing art that relies totally on abstraction to get its point across.

My advice for the next aspiring choreographer is to always show up, and to never stop working. There is a great quote from Chuck Close that goes, “Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up and get to work”.  This, of course doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stay inspired, but none of your concepts and ideas will come to fruition if you don’t work to develop them.  Getting the idea is the easy part, but having the determination to turn it into something real is the hard part.  Also, always show up. This means going to shows, classes, and/or any sort of dance gathering. The key to networking is to interact with others in the field. No one will be willing to help you get going unless you meet and talk to them; you never know who you’ll meet.

image1 (1)
Photo Courtesy of Ty Graynor

Thank you Isaac! Dance is definitely a creative way to challenge both the mind and body! We can’t wait to see “Space Between” later on this month! Purchase your tickets now for the 2017 Performance Series by clicking here!


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