2016-2017 Performance Series Choreographer: Gierre Godley

I would consider myself a late bloomer in the dance world. Well no, I am actually still blooming! I’ve always been drawn to music and movement, but I didn’t take any formal jazzy-gierredance classes until my last years in high school. I loved my high school friends so much and they were all dancers; so I became a dancer. Funny though, I’m the only one still dancing, lol. I continued my training at Millikin University (Minor in Dance) and then on to NYU (MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography). Along the way I trained at the Ailey School; which I absolutely loved. I’ve always been a “bigger dancer”  and my technique wasn’t and maybe still isn’t there, but Ms. Denise Jefferson at the the Ailey school was such a message of hope and guidance for me. I was much older, bigger and less experienced than some of the other students but her encouragement and acknowledgement of my growth meant the world to me. It was that Summer that I decided to be a dancer instead of becoming a doctor.

My journey as a Choreographer and Artistic Director of PROJECT 44 was one that I stumbled upon. When I listen to music that inspires me, I see movement in my brain. So I decided to put those images out for the world to see and somehow PROJECT 44 was gierre-troupe
formed. My experiences as a dancer guesting for numerous companies led me to explore the need for an understanding and appreciation of the male artist. Many times we are used just to partner or do solos. We love our female counterparts, but I think sometimes we should come from behind them and take on the stage for ourselves. We are more than just muscle. So sometimes it’s OK for us to wear shirts and be graceful.

I am honored to share this dance game with so many talented creators. I am inspired by so many dance makers from Justin Peck to Camille A Brown to Lar Lubovitch,  or more emerging artist like Dante Brown of Dante Brown Warehouse Dance. We are in it together and I am always down to learn.blog-for-gierre

I encourage younger choreographers to do a couple of things:

-Get in the studio alone and understand your voice and the message you want to send.
-Understand your audience.
-Understand its ok to make crappy work sometimes.

And lastly DO WHAT YOU WANT!

Check out my company PROJECT 44 on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – @project44dance

Over & Out!

Thank you for that wonderful story Gierre! The beautiful male dancer is definitely something that should be valued in the arts! Thank you so much for reading! Interested in seeing Gierre Godley’s work? Click here to purchase tickets to our 2016-2017 Performance Series coming up next month!


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