2016-2017 Performance Series Choreographer: Meg Morrissey

I discovered my passion for choreography while studying at Northwestern University in Chicago. Prior to my time at NU, I grew up training in a classical ballet school. College gave me the opportunity to explore new movement and begin finding my voice as an artist.fuerta-photo-1 I remember the first time I saw my work presented for an audience. For once, I wasn’t performing someone else’s vision, but watching my own. That experience made me feel more whole than I’d ever felt. From that moment on, I knew I was completely hooked on creating. It was a love that grabbed me and hasn’t let go since.

After graduating from Northwestern in 2012, I was selected as an emerging choreographer for Dance Canvas. In a talk-back after the show, a young dancer asked me why I chose to become a choreographer. It was a question I’d never been asked before, but an answer fuerta-photo-3came out almost instantly. I became a choreographer because there is something that drives me to connect my feelings and experiences to movement. Taking moments from my life that may seem dark, or sad, or scary, and turning them into something beautiful is my catharsis. Being a relatively quiet person, art is how I share. And if the audience feels, for a moment, what I’m feeling, or learns about themselves, or questions what they thought before, then that is something special.

Shortly after my first show with Dance Canvas, I became the founder and co-artistic director of the Fuerta Dance Company and owner of the Druid Hills Dance Center. It has been four years since my first time sharing with the Atlanta dance community, and it is such an honor to be invited back to Dance Canvas this year to present one of my dance films.fuerta-photo-2

My advice to emerging choreographers….. Hold onto your “you-ness” but don’t let it make you afraid to change, grow, and accept the advice of other artists. Editing is a process that all choreographers go through with their work to make it great. Having multiple eyes on a piece can help you see things you might miss being completely immersed in it for a long time. Letting your style evolve can be a really good thing. Let your experiences, attempts, and failures make you better. Allow yourself to break out of your habits and your box. It only limits you to follow the same formula each time, and you have the capacity to challenge yourself and create in ways you never thought you could.

preview-full-meg-morrissey-headshotWow! What an inspirational message from the beautiful Ms. Meg Morrissey! It is definitely important to make sure you never lose yourself as an artistic individual, but it is even more important to allow your artistry to grow and evolve. Well said Meg! We are definitely looking forward to seeing her new choreographic film in March at our 2017 Performance Series! Click here! to purchase your tickets now!


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