2016-17 Performance Series Choreographer: Lindsay Fritz

Dance has always been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. Starting out at the age of 3 in a tiny tutu, through high school, and on into college. It was always there. I never really knew how long it would last. All I knew is that I would sign up for classes each year and continue to learn and enjoy. However, all that changed once I started choreographing. I knew the minute I started it was what I was meant to do. There is no better feeling then when all of your ideas come together on stage.  The costumes, the music, the movement. It’s magical! As amazing as that feeling is, sometimes the fear can be just as equal. I think the fear comes because to me, choreography is so personal. It is you. It’s your thoughts, your feelings, and your story.

My goal whenever I choreograph is for the music to come alive. I want the sound the audience is hearing in their ears to visually be put in front of their eyes. Every note, count, silence, and beat.

Some advice I would give to anyone starting out:

(1.) Trust your instincts

(2.) Don’t overthink

(3.) Give ideas a chance. Don’t throw out an idea too soon.

Here’s a little more about Lindsay’s artistic journey! lindsay-fritz-hs

Lindsay began her training in the Metro Atlanta area at the age of 3 in ballet, tap, jazz and contemporary. A majority of her early training came from the Great gig Dance Co. where she studied with Tammy Everhart and Dawn Parker. In the summer of 2003 Lindsay performed in the show Break the Floor in NYC. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.S in Psychology and a minor in Dance Education taking related courses in: Ballet, Modern, Tap/Rhythm/ Analysis and dance pedagogy. While at the University, she was able to train with Bala Sarasvati, Rebecca Gose and Mark Wheeler.  After graduating, Lindsay returned to Kennesaw, Ga to begin teaching dance. In the summers she receives supplemental training from Broadway Dance Center Teacher workshops and the Dance Teacher Summit. Lindsay has choreographed many award winning pieces, and her pieces have performed all over the southeast in festivals such as Piccolo Spoleto.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about Lindsay’s personal experiences in the arts! We are extremely excited to present her latest work in our 2016-17 Performance Series at the Ferst Center for the arts at Georgia Tech on March 24th and March 25th!

Interested in buying tickets? Click here!

Want to join in on the discussion? Comment, share and subscribe! What advice may you have for future choreographers? Can you remember the time when you fell in love with dance? We’d love to hear from you! Thank you for reading!




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