Catching Up With the Choreographers

(Top Left to Right: Kamali Hill PC: Niqko, Braeden Barnes PC: Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth. Middle Left to Right: Leah Boresow PC: Abner Dvorah, Emily Cargill PC: Trib La Prade. Bottom Left to Right: Vanessa Chisolm PC: Shannon McCollum, Tre Mclendon.)

It’s been four months since Dance Canvas showcased their spectacular 2015-2016 choreographic showcase. Eleven choreographers displayed sensational works to a packed audience, as well as 600 high school students at the Rialto Center for the Arts.

Today, six of these choreographers stopped in with us to let us know what is on the horizon for them and what we can look forward to from them in the future.

We hope you enjoy catching up with them and continuing to witness our mission to “introduce the next generation” of choreographic artists. Big things are happening! Check out information on our next season below!

And now our choreographers…

Kamali Hill

MAD Festival “Keep the Body, Take the Mind” PC: Alan Kimara Dixon


Since Dance Canvas, I have been on-the-go and I am so excited about this journey.  I danced in Corian Ellisor’s new work B.A.E.S. (Beauty And Entertainment Systems) which premiered May 26th-May 29th at 7 Stages.

On June 3rd and 4th, I presented the reworking of Keep The Body, Take The Mind at the MAD Festival 2016 at the Balzer Theater at Herren’s along with Gabriella Dorados, Okwae A Miller, Proai Dance Project, GAthering Wild, Lisa K. Lock, Otis Sallid and Full Radius Dance.  On July 29th and 30th, I will be premiering a new collaborative work with Lauren Banks and Sharon C. Carlock at Skwhirlhaus.

MAD Festival “Keep the Body, Take the Mind” PC: Alan Kimara Dixon


I have also just been awarded the New Voices in Dance Award and will be setting work on Dissonance Dance Theater later this summer, along with choreographing Urinetown at the Elm Street Cultural Arts Village which is set to open August 12th and runs until August 28th. I am overwhelmed with joy about this choreographic journey and can’t wait to see what opportunities are up ahead.

With regards,


 Follow Kamali on Facebook and at Instagram @kamalihill and at her website


Braeden Barnes

“NOCTURNE…Le Passage” PC: Leni Manaa-Hoppenworth

thumbnail_13087379_10156883731970343_2713583087378345626_nI am currently dancing and choreographing for LEVELdance’s upcoming season. I will also be starting work with CocoDaco Dance Project, where I will be dancing in shows late July. As for choreography, I am currently starting to fundraise for my upcoming projects happening in Chicago this fall. Looking forward to more exploration and creations.


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Leah Boresow

thumbnail_13086873_3532802754780_5651181047407068999_o (1)
Top: Leah Boresow Bottom: Christen Sewell Weimer

I would love to chat about an event I put on Saturday, May 21st. It was called Heart Space, and I both choreographed, danced in, and produced/organized this event. It went on in Gallery L1 right off the Atlanta Beltline, and myself along with other Atlanta artists showed our work to expose ourselves and also raise money for Wellspring for Living, and organization dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking. I showed and danced in my own choreographed solo, “Like Butter,” alongside Christen Sewell Weimer, Atlanta-based dancer and choreographer, and Paul Stevens sound artist, and finally Melissa Lee, visual artist.

thumbnail_like butter heart space body
Heart Space “Like Butter” PC: Lyle Baldes

It was a huge success, and I would love to tell the world. (:


Follow Leah on Facebook, Instagram @leahboresowdance and her website

Emily Cargill

thumbnail_slit (614)
“SLIT” PC: Jennifer Cara Clark

Following Dance Canvas, Emily Cargill and Dancers premiered SLIT, an evening length work, featuring choreography by Emily Cargill, Kelly Bartnik, Kathleen Wessel and Erik Thurmond.  ECD was also commissioned by the Fulton County Arts Council to present sections of SLIT at the South West Performing Arts Center as well as the opening gala concert in downtown Atlanta.

thumbnail_slit (765)
“SLIT” PC: Jennifer Cara Clark

Currently, ECD is offering professional level modern and repertory classes to the Atlanta dance community, located at Dance 101 on Thursday mornings, from 9:15-10:30 am.  The company is also working on new repertory for the 2016 Skwhirlhaus Performance Season, with ECD’s work premiering on Oct 10-11, 2016.  Please check out ECD on the web at and also be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook to keep updated on our 2016 performances and class series.

We look forward to seeing you at our next show and in class!


Follow Emily on Facebook and Instagram @emily.cargill

Vanessa Chisolm and Tre McLendon

Here is a few things we have been doing around town and bringin back tap!
~ ATP performed and was one of the feature acts at Apache Cafe in May
~ ATP performed at The McClendon Performing Arts Institute’s Recital “The Awakening” in June
~ ATP performed at AREA Atlanta’s Recital “The Balance Between Good & Evil” in June
~ ATP performed at Great Gig Dance Co’s Recital in June



-Vanessa and Tre

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PC: Richard Calmes

Are YOU a choreographer and interested in showing us your work to be presented in our ’16-’17 season choreographic showcase? Click here for information and to apply!

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And finally, enjoy this memory lane slideshow of our past ’15-’16 season show, which premiered in February!

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