Emily Cargill and Dancers Present: SLIT


Emily Cargill and Dancers (ECD) is proud to present SLIT, an evening-length work, with original choreography by Emily Cargill, Erik Thurmond, Kathleen Wessel (ATL) and Kelly Bartnik (NYC).  

 Atlanta audiences will have the opportunity to see Emily Cargill and Dancers’ premier of SLIT, their first evening-length work, this Spring.  


 Emily Cargill and Dancers has commissioned these four bold dance-makers to choreograph a section of this work, in which they have each explored their own interpretation of reality.  Is our personal reality a true place or is it one we have conceived?  Why do personal worlds collide and how does that shift the inner and outer self?  Whose reality is real? How do we know?


  In SLIT, theme and motif is universal, but the way in which the choreographer chose to interpret it is unique and individual.  To attempt this, the choreographers built the dance piece a la the Exquisite Corps method.  In the 1920’s, Surrealist artists played a collaborative, chance-based parlor game, typically involving four players, called Exquisite Corps.  Each artist would draw an image on a sheet of paper, fold the piece of paper over so that their drawing would be concealed, and pass it on to the next player to draw his/her contribution.  Typically the first artist would draw the feet, the next the legs, the third the torso, and the last, the head.  For the Surrealists, the Exquisite Corps involved elements of unpredictability, chance, unseen elements and group collaboration- “all in service of disrupting the waking mind’s penchant for order”.  

 This unique choreographic collaborative opportunity, which previously has not been explored among Atlanta dancemakers, provided the artists a gateway for unexpected choreographic choices, as well as a clear structure for the cohesion of this evening-length work as a whole.  SLIT will take audiences on a journey through the innermost workings of the minds of these choreographers to explore a world that is bizarre, honest, intimate, and gritty.


WHAT:  Emily Cargill and Dancers premiers SLIT 

WHEN:  April 1 (8:00 pm) and April 2 (5:00 pm & 8:00 pm), 2016

WHERE:  Vincent D. Murray Theatre, located on the Grady High School midtown campus

PRICE:  $20/general admission, $15/artists, seniors



Reference: Braided Light Dance Project 2013 Photo: Trib La Prade | 904 568 8742

Emily Cargill is the director of Emily Cargill and Dancers. She is also one of the brilliant Dance Canvas Choreographers! We are so excited about SLIT and supporting Emily’s amazing work. Don’t miss out!

Check back soon for our next exciting news! You may just see some photos from our Sunday show!







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