2015-16 Performance Series Choreographer: Leah Boresow


Photo by Abner Dvorah

It always amazes me to think how musicians and composers can actually create music that is truly original; they hear a sequence of notes in their heads and then out of those thoughts they bring to life music that has never before been heard in that way. And this is the curiosity that challenges the artistic mind- how can we make something that is totally unique and is totally ours? Composers do it with music, I like to do it with movement.

                                          Photo by Alan Kimara Dixon

For as long as I can remember I have been hearing music and seeing videos in my head about movement sequences that can be created. Dance has always been a love in my life, and I feel so lucky that I get to be a part of the movement world; it is full of so much curiosity and physicality, using the human body as a way to explore avenues of expression. My choreographic voice has been shaped in many ways, but something that really revs me when making movement is the notion to be open, to have your mind and body available to ideas that you are not aware of or that perhaps do not make sense to you. For me, all movement is meaningful, and when choreographing I often like the dancing to speak for itself, without trying to convey any particular message. I find that the “story” will find its way to whoever is watching, because the movement allows it to do so.


Photo by Julianne Upchurch

I have seen and experienced so much of the dance world, but Atlanta has really helped shape my choreographic voice. While not originally from Atlanta, I have lived here since 1999, and I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the Atlanta Dance community. I began my classical training with Atlanta Dance Theatre and Atlanta Ballet, followed by my immersion into the contemporary dance world with gloATL, where I danced for a span of 5 years and had the privilege of managing in 2013. Working with these companies and many other individuals, I found that Atlanta is a city that is so crowded, yet has so much space within it for creation. Atlanta was a launching point for me, when I presented my solo work ‘Like Butter” for Dance Chance Atlanta in 2013. It was that small intimate opportunity that led me to take the same work and present it in Tel Aviv, Israel, where I lived for about 2 years, for a showcase presented by the Israeli Choreographers Association in 2014. I have shown a few other works since that time, but the most up-and-coming excitement for me in Atlanta is premiering my new work for Dance Canvas in January 2016.

                             Photo by Julianne Upchurch

The piece that I will be presenting for Dance Canvas is called “Bees and Birds.” It is a duet between myself and Atlanta dancer Sarah Wildman, developed around the idea of the supposed simplicity of love and relationships, and what factors surround people who commit to be together. I feel that this work can reach all people of all walks of life, and we have all experienced some level of commitment to another person, and it is the challenges and rewards we face from this commitment that has fueled the choreography. What I find to be special about the process of creation for this work is that I began creating this piece while living in Israel, before moving back to the USA almost 1 year ago. It has been so intriguing to see this work find its shape since that time, and now it will premiere in my home city of Atlanta at the beautiful Rialto Theatre- needless to say, I am pumped for January!


Photo by Julianne Upchurch


Photo by Julianne Upchurch

Dance Canvas has been such a great platform to share myself and my work with the city of Atlanta, and I can’t wait to continue sharing my choreographic voice with dance communities near and far. With a curious mind and nonstop inspiration, there are only more opportunities to come and more people to share with.

About Leah Boresow


Photo by Shira Degani

Leah Boresow has been dancing all of her life, starting early on at a young age in Atlanta, Georgia. As a teenager, Leah trained at the Atlanta Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, and Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. Leah’s early work was showcased at the Southeastern Regional Ballet Association (SERBA) for emerging choreographers. She went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Dance from Indiana University (IU), where she also studied and choreographed contemporary dance, modern dance, and ballroom dance. In 2010, Leah spent a year living in Jerusalem, Israel from 2010-2011, studying dance at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, as part of the inaugural year of DanceJerusalem. Leah spent a span of 5 years studying, dancing, and performing with the Atlanta-based contemporary company gloATL, under the direction of Lauri Stallings, and was company manager in 2013.

Leah has taught dance and choreographed for many places in many different genres of dance. Internationally, she has taught ballroom dance and ballet at both Dance Tel Aviv, Studio Naim and Studio Nadir in Israel, and is currently a full-time ballroom dance instructor for Ballroom Dance Clubs of Atlanta. Leah is a founding instructor for DanceFX Atlanta, where she currently teaches ballet and contemporary dance.

Her recent works have been shown nationally and internationally; her solo “Like Butter” made its international debut in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2014 as part of the Israel Choreographers Association’s “7X7” series, and “Were Here’ made its premiere in New York in January 2015 as a part of the Annual “Winter Follies” series. Most recently, her choreography has been commissioned at DanceFX Atlanta and Dare to Dance Performance Showcase this past year. Leah is more than excited to be present her new work, “Bees and Birds” for DanceCanvas 2016, and hopes to continue to share her work throughout the Atlanta community.

We loved hearing your amazing choreographic journey, Leah! We can’t for her new work, “Bees and Birds” to premier January 22nd and 23rd at the Rialto Center for the Arts. You can also follow Leah’s new work on her Instagram @leahboresowdance

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