2015-16 Performance Series Choreographer: Britt Whitmoyer Fishel

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Jeff Frandsen Photography

It’s an honor and a privilege to be coming back to Dance Canvas for a second year. I felt last season was really my introduction to the Atlanta dance community and discovering my place within it. After graduate school and leaving my company, bnw:dance behind, I was unsure of my next step. Thankfully, it was Dance Canvas, and last year’s experience was phenomenal.

This year, I am coming back in a completely different light. I now have Atlanta Dance Collective, together with my Co-Founder, Sarah Stokes. We are non-profit, we have a company full of strong contemporary movers, and we have a season ahead of us. Having Dance Canvas as part of our season, the opportunity it provides, and performing at The Rialto with some of the best in our community is really unbeatable, and I am thankful to be back!

The piece we are working on for DC this season is completely different than anything else I have ever created. I usually pull from very tangible humanistic experiences: relationships, paths crossing, internal emotions, community engagement, or serious political motifs. I run towards creating dance that will inspire conversations of growth and understanding, and sometimes even self-evaluation. My newest piece, however, is none of this.

View More: http://jefffrandsen.pass.us/2015
Jeff Frandsen Photography
View More: http://jefffrandsen.pass.us/2015
Jeff Frandsen Photography

If you know me, you know that I can usually be found on the weekends antiquing; I am a lover of vintage finds, mostly cameras, jewelry, and Coca-Cola memorabilia. I have never crossed this over into my art, until now. I came across these amazing 1920s and 1940s instructional videos. Anything from women in the workplace (helping men cope) and hygiene for women (to land a man) to dating tips and training for childbirth. Putting aside the obvious and stark progression over the last century, the current day absurdity is actually pretty amusing.

In rehearsal for Britt’s new work

I am a multi-media artist, so I will absolutely be tying all elements of these instructional videos into my work. Between video projection, audio, prop work, and the dancers on the stage, I am hoping for a phenomenological experience for the audience.

Jeff Frandsen Photography
Jeff Frandsen Photography


Currently, we are in the middle of choreography, which has been another new and interesting feat. My movement can be forceful and athletic, but setting it to the pleasant voice of the 1940s and big band music, makes for a strange, but fun juxtaposition. We are excited to see how we can push this piece further through satire and commentary. Once again, I wouldn’t have been pushed to make a piece like this if it weren’t for Dance Canvas so graciously commissioning this work and entrusting my vision!

View More: http://jefffrandsen.pass.us/2015
Jeff Frandsen Photography

If you would like to follow the progression of this piece on Instagram, go follow: @atldancecollective!

A Little Bit About Britt

Jeff Frandsen Photography
Jeff Frandsen Photography

Brittany (Whitmoyer) Fishel was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where she studied ballet from an early age. She attended East Carolina University and upon graduating with a BFA in Dance, Brittany moved to New York City and pursued performing and choreographing professionally. There, she joined Mariana Bekerman Dance Company, but left in 2009 in order to establish and develop bnw:dance. As artistic director of bnw:dance, Brittany has led company tours throughout New York City, Richmond, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Chicago. In 2010, the company was selected for a summer residency in London, England, and created and presented “Interrogation” with the help of London lyricist, James Reindeer. Brittany went on to receive her MFA in Dance (Screendance) from the University of Michigan, in 2014. Her screen work has been seen in Greensboro Dance Film Festival, Y’allywood Film Festival, Detroit Dance City Festival as well as several gallery exhibitions. Describing her most recent work, ArtsATL reviewed stating: “The final moments of site., which enmeshed dance and video, were stunning.” She currently lives in Atlanta, where she is the Co-Founder of Atlanta Dance Collective, the Program Director at The Studio Atlanta Dance-Vinings, and the creator of Opine Dance Film Festival.

We are so excited to have Brit working with us again! Don’t miss her new work premiering at our 2015-16 Performance Series, January 22nd and 23rd at the Rialto Center for the Arts!

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