We have opened up our Call for Choreographers for the 2016 Performance Series!

Our 2015-16 season is starting up and we’re excited to see what new, talented artists are ready to create! Applications for our Choreographer Career Development Initiative (CCDI) are now available for all of you innovative, emerging choreographers! Whether you are in-state, out-of-state, right out of college, or establishing a company — show us what you’ve got. 


Founder, Angela Harris is here to share her thoughts and advice for applying to our CCDI. See what tips you can use to interest us on your application!

So, I have this burning new piece of movement in my mind…I need a studio…I need some bodies…I need…

Trust me…I know that feeling and I know what a challenge it is for artists to produce work both in Atlanta and beyond. You need time and space to be inspired. You need skilled dancers to make your movements come to life. You need studio space…and eventually a place to perform. The list can become extensive, daunting and expensive…and then it can start to stifle your creativity.

My advice: Know that you are not the only one going through the challenges of being an artist. It takes a large amount of drive and patience. You will have to create in silos and sometimes create without knowing whether or not your work will ever be seen. I encourage artists to see other people’s work…support your community of fellow dance artists…support artists of other genres. These networks of artistic peers can be your support system, as well as your future collaborators.

FullSizeRender 2
Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute – OSAI Ballet

I have had the pleasure of spending the last 2 weeks teaching and choreographing at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, where I not only was able to choreograph and set new work on incredibly talented students, but also I was surrounded by incredible teaching artists in many other disciplines.

Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute – OSAI Ballet

I had the time to get inspired by them. I had the chance to sit by a lake and be alone with myself and my thoughts. I had a chance to dream and let my ideas begin to be regenerated. Sometimes you need that too, in your process.

And this weekend, I return to Atlanta and to Dance Canvas, as we kick off our 8th Season. Several choreographers have asked me how we select the artists we work with. Here is some of my feedback that may apply to other application processes as well:

  1. Be unique: We see tons of videos and tons of choreography…make yours memorable. If your work looks like other artists, it sometimes blends in with the masses. Don’t be afraid to pitch new concepts or submit collaborations. (**We hardly ever have new ballet choreographers submit ideas…hint, hint…)
  2. Make sure your submission looks professional: Submitting samples with student dancers or untrained adult dance students sometimes hinders our ability to see your choreography in its best light. Consider finding one or two professional dancers who can do your movement. It doesn’t have to be an entire piece, as long as your submission shows the depth of your concept.
  3. Research the company you are applying to: If you have never seen a show of the company, you should research the type of work that they present. Be aware of the requirements, if you are selected. Understand who the company is and their mission.
  4. Don’t burn bridges: Always be professional. Don’t accept an opportunity if you can’t fulfill the requirements. Be friendly, and supportive of other artists. You never know who is on your judging panel.

But, most of all…keep creating…keep learning…keep being eager! It’s hard sometimes to find the outlets to create and present. However, the outlets are out there. Keep submitting…keep growing…That is the only way new artists and new voices flourish!

Thanks, Angela for your insight!

Alright, choreographers! Show us what you’ve got! Apply today!

Thanks for reading! Share, comment and subscribe!




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