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Ekaterina Sudakova, a student at Dekalb School of the Arts, is a freelance media specialist that has been doing photography since 2011. Being a dancer, she initially found her serenity in capturing ephemeral moments. However, Ekaterina thirsted for sharing artistic beauty and making people feel. Her sole career goal is to educate humanity on social issues that are often overlooked by the major news networks through the arts. Ekaterina is a firm believer that the arts touch an innate part of your soul and the raw emotion they cause fosters change. Working with talented individuals, Ekaterina has had the pleasure to promote her fellow dancers as well as working with organizations, like Global Village and the Homeless Women’s Shelter, to inspire young minds. Currently in the process of networking and outreaching several creators in both Atlanta and Los Angeles, Ekaterina is planning on embarking on her first big campaign – “melanin.”.


DC Next Class of 2012

Ekaterina tells us about her DC Next experience:

“I am beyond grateful for my time at DC NEXT. Not only do I value the dance education I received within two weeks, beyond everything I would like to thank Ms. Angela for providing me with amazing networking opportunities. I was able to meet legendary artists with whom I am still in contact to this day. These creators not only motivated me to push through 8 AM ballet, but continually inspire me with their growth and accomplishments on a day to day basis.
One thing I whole-heartedly appreciate in this program is it’s focus on the entertainment business as a whole. Not only do the technique classes and guest teachers provide you with a strong dance and networking foundation, the business point of view allows you to become a wholesome character. Many of the things I was taught, I utilize to this day in my career endeavors. Although I do not plan on pursuing dance as a career, the intensive was a very useful way for me to realize my love for the arts as well as my interest in the business side of entertainment.”


Makeda Bryce, received her BFA in Dance from Valdosta State University. She was also one of the first DC Next students (that was in 2009!) from North Springs Charter High School. Her experience during the 3-week summer intensive was a great way to develop her skills as a dancer, as well as a young choreographer. Makeda also returned to DC Next as a summer intern. Now, she is interning for Dance Canvas during the school year! She is an assistant and substitute dance teacher at the MLK & Rosel Fann Recreation Centers. There she helps teach the jazz and tap classes offered weekly through the Centers of Hope Foundation. We truly are #introducingthenextgeneration!

Here’s what she had to say about her experience with DC Next:

“When I started DC Next I didn’t know what to think or expect. I just thought this was an way to better my dance skills on a more professional level. At first I was shy and intimidated but I wasn’t the best dancer but that just have me fuel to work harder. I cried, sweated, was sore, and bruised a lot during the three weeks but everyday was a new start. I made some friends, I wasn’t real social butterfly at that point in life but when I cross paths with the first DC nexters we go down memory lane and talk about what’s new in our lives.”

556969_417609758291734_432023726_nDC Next Class of 2009

To learn more about DC Next this summer (students and interns!), visit our Facebook at Dance-Canvas Atlanta

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