2015 Performance Series Choreographer: Kim Linenkohl

Kimberly LinenBack%20Attitudekohl began her early training in Gainesville, Florida at the Joni Messler Studio of Dance and Dance Theatre of Santa Fe. She also studied on scholarship at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School and the Joffrey Ballet School. Before leaving Florida, she became the director of the Gainesville Ballet Theatre II where  choreographed many original works. She danced professionally with the Big Apple Circus, Staten Island Ballet, Academy of Ballet, Bravo Dance Center, and for Sarah Boies, Lonnie Davis and Tianna Sykes. She spent seven seasons with the Georgia Ballet under the late Iris Hensley and Gina Hyatt-Mazon where she was featured in many productions including Balanchine’s Allegro   Sykes Photography              Brilliante and Serenade and Hensley’s Nutcracker as Dew Drop and Lead Spanish. Kimberly enjoys her role as Ballet Mistress at the Academy of Ballet in Norcross and at Studio 4 the Arts in Powder Springs and is pleased to be a part of this year’s Dance Canvas production.            

Dance Canvas: What does dance mean to you personally?

Kim: “My love for dance is immeasurable. If I didn’t have it Grand%20jeteduring my stressful times, I would not survive. It gives me an outlet to say something meaningful that will speak to all of us, without using any words. Dance has affected my life in a very positive way. It has given me strength, both mentally and physically, and has taught me so much about my mind and body.”

Sykes Photography 

Dance Canvas: What inspires your choreography?

Kim: “My choreography is inspired by the people around me. Even if the dance I am working on does not tell a story, there is always meaning behind the movements. Sometimes a song inspires me, but lately it is the story I want to tell that I begin with and find music to match. Yet sometimes, the story unfolds as I am choreographing which is the case for my world premiere, “Committed”, for Dance Canvas.”

Dance Canvas: What have you learned most from your choreographic experiences?

Kim: “That I am still learning and am like a sponge right now. I’m trying to soak up as much dance knowledge as I can to not only make me a better artist, but a better person as well. With each bit of knowledge I receive from those around me, my choreography grows more interesting.”

Dance Canvas: What is your choreographic process like?

Kim: “My process is dependant on the time I have available. Sometimes I have everything planned out down to each count and sometimes I create on the spot. I like both methods, but for tricky music, I like to really study it ahead of time so the movement makes sense musically.”

Dance Canvas: Whom has been your support throughout your dance career?

Kim: “I could not have gotten this far in life without the unending support of my two biggest fans, my mom and my husband. My mom took me to class beginning at age 6, and put me on the plane at age 12 for my first summer program experience where I discovered that dance was going to be my career. She still comes to see me perform and babysits when I’m busy at work. My husband puts up with my crazy schedule and takes care of the children when I’m away and always supports my career. He has watched me perform for the last 17 years and now gets to be a proud father as he watches his 4 year old daughter on stage.


(Pictured from left to right: Justin, Shelby, Kim, Devon Linenkohl)

It hasn’t been easy balancing my career and family life this year, but thanks to my loving husband, mom and children’s support, I was able to stay committed and continue on my journey as a professional choreographer.”

Such a beautiful story, Kim! Thanks for sharing!

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