The National Arts Marketing Project Conference with Anna Dunn



Anna Dunn has taught dance in the metro- Atlanta public schools for ten years and brings her expertise to Dance Canvas as the Arts Education and Outreach Program Coordinator. Dunn acts as a liaison to public and private dance programs connecting them with resources in the Atlanta area such as curriculum design, guest teachers, performances, scholarships, and summer study opportunities. She also provides curriculum and professional development for the Dance Canvas teacher interns at the Centers for Hope.

Dunn received a scholarship from the Georgia Council for the Arts to attend the National Arts Marketing Project Conference November 7-10.

Here are some of her highlights and marketing tips:

My purpose in attending the event was to seek ways to better connect and communicate with younger audience members. Dance Canvas offers a special performance for dance programs in local schools. During this event students are challenged to write a traditional dance critique, but with a twist! It must be written in 140 characters, tweeted with our show hashtag — what we call a “Tweet Critique”. We also offer a summer intensive for high school students where they plan, create, and market a performance.

As one presenter at the conference said:

“The genie is out of the bottle. The culture of smart phones and social media is not going to go away. Instead of banning it from our theatres, we must redirect the behavior in a way that is more appropriate.”

Many of the sessions focused on these cultural trends in communication and ways for organizations to use social media effectively. Making the arts more inclusive, participatory, and social was stressed during the conference and they gave us a lot of suggestions to take back to our organizations.

Anna is not quite ready to reveal all of her new ideas yet, but she says that audience members can expect some new ways to interact with our choreographers during the Dance Canvas 2015 Performance Series.

So don’t miss out on our upcoming show!

January 23rd & 24th at the Rialto Center for the Arts! Tickets on sale soon!

Thanks, Anna!

And thanks for reading!




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