A Great Summer for DC Next!

This summer has been an amazing experience working with such wonderful and talented students in the DC Next Summer Intensive! …Especially with an awesome team of interns to help keep things running!


Over the past three weeks I’ve seen each student grow as a dancer, choreographer, and leader — thanks to Angela who brought in the best of the best teachers to educate us in various dance styles, the elements of choreography, and the business side of the dance world.
Even as an intern, I gained some important knowledge to help propel me towards a successful dance career.

And the show! The show displayed all of the hard work these students have been putting in each week. All 9 pieces came together beautifully in such a short period of time! The work from each team – social media, design, media/promotions, and event planning – made the show happen!
If you missed the show, you missed a wonderful event!



Thanks to: Dana Woodruff, Danny Catanach, Lonnie Davis, Marci Lefkoff, Jennifer Mason, Elizabeth Chapman, Jasmine, Ahli Moore, the DAIR Project, and Sean Porter!

For creating such a great program that gives high school students, college students, and recent college graduates a wonderful opportunity to learn, improve, grow, and excel in his or her passion for dance.

I’d also like to personally thank Angela Harris for her support and encouragement in my career goals to dance professionally and become a dance studio owner. Since the beginning of my internship in January 2014, I have gained so much experience and she has provided the greatest opportunities for me. Now that Angela is hiring me as an administrative assistant for Dance Canvas, I cannot say thank you enough! I am so grateful and appreciative!
Angela you are AMAZING! Thank you!

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