A Word from DC Intern, Jennifer Kent

Hey Dance Canvas Supporters,

This week we are introducing Jennifer Kent, yet another Dance Canvas intern, here to tell us her Dance Canvas story! She is a part of our team through Kennesaw State University and is a joy to work with. We appreciate her contributions to Dance Canvas and look forward to her future endeavors. ENJOY!

Image  Photo by Widescreen Video Productions

Hello, you all! I am so excited to share my experiences with you on the Dance Canvas blog!

My experience as an intern with Dance Canvas has been wonderful, to say the least. I am thankful that I found Dance Canvas for an internship. It not only fulfilled a requirement for my degree as a dance major at Kennesaw State University, but it also gave me the teaching experience I was looking for.

I love how Dance Canvas goes about its mission to create a better dance audience by teaching children who would otherwise not have the privilege to experience dance. I have learned so much from teaching my students at the Martin Luther King Recreation Center both the past Fall and current Spring semester. They help me to assess the learning, discipline, and creativity building exercises I develop. I am proud of their progress as they learn the dance basics and choreography they are working on for the upcoming performance. This past class, my students were able to see Revelations from the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater. Watching the children experience such an iconic repertoire, as they mimicked their movements, overcame me with joy! I am glad that I am able to share my love of dance with my students. They were so excited to show me that they knew the dance steps in the piece.

Throughout my internship, I have loved having Angela Harris and Anna Dunn as resources for advice related to dance. Angela has helped me this semester with my Senior Project in learning about grants and their importance to the organization. In addition, working with Anna at Hickory Hills Elementary School has allowed me to improve my lesson plan development skills and dance pedagogy. As I graduate from Kennesaw State University this semester, my experience with Dance Canvas will not be taken for granted. I have learned so many lessons that will be useful to me in my future affairs as a dancer and dance instructor.

– Jennifer Kent

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